Memories of Hospitality

This pomegranate greeting is brought to you by Cassandra Birocco, my childhood friend. She was “Cassie” and I was “Barbie” back in Clarion, Pennsylvania. We met in kindergarten on the nap-time rug, became fast friends and stayed that way through high school. But, life carried us away from the small town and we lost touch.

This blog has brought two friends back together, albeit through the virtual world. Cass is a photographer and one of her specialties is food photography. She just published an online book with spectacular food images. She willingly helps me out whenever I need an image for Kelley Hospitality. One of my favorites is her key lime photo in “Will the Real Key Lime Pie Please Stand Up.”

I will always have fond memories of the hospitality shown to me growing up by Cass and her parents, Joe and Evelyn Birocco. Memories of hospitality never wane. Maybe we will hear more from Cass and some of her favorite dishes we both enjoyed in her home.

Enjoy this wonderful season full of memories of the past and hope for the future.


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